Friday, June 4, 2010

Second body paragraph from my essay

The waitresses have emotional life because they emotionally work very hard to satiesfied costumers and managers, because they always think about manager's authority and dealing with different kinds of customers.Such as: mean, generous, greedy, crazy,etc.They always care about what the customers and desires are.To fillfull their desires the waitresses hide their own feelings.For example,Terry Masson in "A Pecking order"states, "When a passenger says something mean, we're supposed to smile and say, I understand you".even when they pinch us or say dirty words..............

I already show my essay to professor that'swhy I think don't need to post any more.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

introduction from my essay #3

This is my introduction of essay #3
The essay topic is "Emotional waitress"
Prof. I am not sure about this intro....because this introduction is totally different so can I get feedback?Thanks!
How do you feel if you have to deal with this kind of customer on your eight hours work?
"Miss, can you bring me a glass of water?"
"oh Miss, I need some ketchup on my eggs."
"Can you bring me a hot glass of water?"
"Oh Miss my eggs are too runny.I can't possibly eat this.You'll need to send them back, and make sure my order is right this time.""Well, now this water is too hot.I almost burned my mouth and these breads are over toasted.Get me a warm a glass of water and get me the right toasted bread."
"You expect me to pay full price for this meal?I was served runny eggs and had burned toast.You even almost burned my mouth with extermly hot water.I can;t believe it.
There will certainly be no tip for you, young lady.By the way where is the manager?I need to talk to him."This kind of incident always happens at the restaurants.This shows what an emotional life the waitress has.Working in a service job especially, as an emotional waitress at the resturant means they have to sacrifice compassion to others.The reason they have to sacrifice others is most waitresses paid minimum wages, they have to depend on the tips,and many waitresses have to face sexual harassment at the restaurants by the customers and managers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A paragraph from my essay # 3

The waitresses' wage should be increased because they work very hard not only physically, but emotionally too.They have to stand eight hours a night because most resturants open in the evening.That means working at night is dangerous and their income make almost impossible to survive.As a result, they have to work fear and force in the restaurant.What's a hard life of waitress because many waitresses paid minimum wage and depend on tips.So to get money they have to smile all the time and be sexy.Otherwise costumers would not give good tips.No matter how bad situations create they have to pretend they don't mind.Such as: some costumers pinch their bodies and tell bad words, but the waitresses have to be quit otherwise they would not get good tips or manager would get angry.Of course, everywaitress doesn't like touching their body by costumers;however, they can't show their emotion to costumers.After work they cry and wishes not returning work.However, they have to come back for the work because they don't have any choice.As we know, they have to pay rent , food etc. This means waitresses'r working physically and emotionally they should paid at least $20 dollars an hour.According to (Hocchild 1983). One of the waitresses described her feelings on the interview, "I disliked it.I had to smile.I felt cheap.I really felt like I was selling myself, and I wasn't getting no money for it.You really are, you really are selling yourself".I think she is right because most waitresses are like this way because in our society people look down to waitresses.Moreover, waitresses don't get enough money that can support them and their families.Eventhough they have to compromise alot, they don't get good salary.

This is my draft.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bonus point

After reading "The Most Dangerous Job" I feel sorry about all the workers who worked on meatpacking factory because the work condition was was so terrible.Kenny worked there for almost sixteen years.He was very loyal to the company and he was anti-union.He did not even look for other jobs, but what he got nothing not even enough money for health treatment.The company left him when he was only 47 years old.How will he survive rest of his life without job, without any pension, and an injured person who is unable to work. This is not fair because owners always take advantage from the workers,but the workers don't get anything accept pain.That's the way Kenny's life has gone.I can't imagine how emotionally and physically his lifehas been suffering.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Step # 3

When I was brainstorming about emotional labors and physical labors working conditions, I found more problems of emotional labors because most emotional labors have to do so much .Such as:smiling all the time, no matter how bad their days are they have to show that they are happy, they have to care about costumers and employees' profits.These make emotional labors a lot of negative affects because they take their emotion at home, their lives are not happy because they have to keep thinking about the working situation.As a result, they might irritate with their families for no reason.Even they can't spend their free time with families nicely, because they keep remember about work, dealing with costumers, and thinking about managers' satisfaction .I think emotional workers life is more stressful because most workrs are low wages and low status, with employees having little or no control over their workplace conditions."Emotional labor may create significant stress, which has mental and physical costs.Research has linked the inhibition of emotions to a variety of physical illnesses, including high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.In fact, inability to express negative emotion is one of the strongest predictors of cancer".

My sources will be Airline stewardess, Counting, Practical nurse, old people's home, Up against Wall-Mart, hoschild etc; however I need to research from the internet I am looking for data bases this is very challing for me because I have to read some articles to get right information.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

post # 5 step 2

I chose two interviews from the Terkel those are, "Counting" and "Fred Roman".
Firstly, I liked "Counting" interview because in our class ,we have been discussing about service jobs and how these jobs like to be.That'swhy I am interested it because in "Counting" Nancy Roggers, works in a bank as a teller.She is kind of romantic woman who likes do fun while working.In addition, she enjoys talking to costumers(clients).She says, "You take your time to talk -which makes the job more enjoyable".However, her supervisor doesn't allowed joking and talking with costumers.According to her she doesn't know many co-workers' name beside one black girl.Because they don't interact each other and they have quite talk during coffee breaks.There is speculation.I see a connection from the Wal-Mart ",Karen Olsson states, that women are paid less than men.Here, in her interview Nancy also states that most banks tellers are women because of the pay scale it's assumed that they pay women less than men .She was about to promoting unfortunately, she got fired because they don't let workers to go further rather they fire them.Another reason, she states that she got fired because they want everybody to be pretty much the same, kind of conservative, fiting into the norm.Moreover,she thinks a lot of places don't want people to be people. Also, they want workers to almost be the machines they're working with.No matter how nicely you treat your costumers, they don't even care you or recognize you.She thinks she treated almost as a machine.Also,at the party people asked her about job position when she says that she is a teller than people walk away. She claims that most service workers don't have prestige.It's a service job.Whether you're a waiteress, salesperson, anything like that working directly for public it's not quite looked on as being prestigious.In addition,she thinks service job as a housemaid or a servant.I think she is right because most service workers are treated like this way.Workers don't have freedom while they're working.They do have mentally and physically pressure.

Another interview I read is "Fred Roman" , who is Accountant.While he was in high school he had hard time to choosing right major for him.Since he was good in math he wanted to be engineer but he was not good in science.So he had to take poor decession which is accountaing.He eliminated everything else.In addition,he really didn't want to be an accountant but he had no choice.While he is working in accounting job, if he does a small mistake can lead to big problem or will not get job for next year.So this job is very sensitive job.

After I reading 7-8 interviewes from the Terkel I saw non of the workers are satisfied in their jobs.
Many workers have to work with their outof interest. They have no choice because if they work what they interested in; that might not have good money;however, they have to work for the money.So this shows workers have to compromise a lot sometimes with boss or manager, sometimes with money,and sometimes with situation.These affect workers alot sometimes this might lead to be a crazy person or disable person.

Do workers always have to work with fearing and forcing in work place?
What is a regular worker' right in work place?